Terms and Conditions

1. When registering with Redleaves Veterinary Centre Ltd you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

2. Redleaves Veterinary Centre Ltd requires proof of address (e.g. Utility Bill or Council Tax bill) at the time of first visit.

3. Please keep your client details and pet details up to date (including mobile telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) so that we can contact you if required.

4. Please inform us with as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend any appointment.

5. Full payment is due at the end of the consultation, on discharge of your pet or on collection of medicines and food. Redleaves Veterinary Centre Ltd accepts payments in cash, and most credit and debit cards.

6. If you think you will be unable to settle your account in full, please discuss this matter with a member of staff prior to treatment commencing.

7. We will endeavour to keep our clients informed about the costs of the services being provided. Please ask the vet for a written estimate in advance.

8. Redleaves Veterinary Centre Ltd do not generally make direct claims to insurance companies on your behalf. You must settle the account in full on the date of treatment and then obtain re-imbursement from your insurance company.

9. In the event that an account is outstanding, Redleaves Veterinary Centre Ltd will pursue all outstanding monies. This will involve:

– Referral to our debt collection agency
– The issue of court proceedings.
Any costs incurred with these processes will be added to the debt. The payment of the same can be enforced by the court. In both cases, the client will also be charged interest at the relevant reference rate provided for under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Interest is payable both before and after any judgement of the court and continues to accrue.

10. ‘Prescription Only Medicines’ can only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon for animals ‘under their care’. In order to comply with this legal requirement, an animal requiring a prescription must be re-examined regularly which should be no longer than every 6 months.

11. All written prescriptions will incur a charge.

12. Please request all medication and food collections 2 working days in advance.

13. All medications that have left Redleaves Veterinary Centre Ltd are no longer fit for re-sale and so cannot be refunded. However, we will accept medications back for disposal only.

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