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Surgical facilities

Our on-site surgical facilities are equipped to a high standard allowing us to carry out complex and routine operations in a safe and controlled environment. During anaesthesia, our patients are intensively monitored to keep your pet as safe as possible. All of our vets keep themselves up to date with advances in veterinary surgery. Barbara Taylor holds a GP certificate in small animal surgery

Diagnostics facilities

We have a wide range of diagnostic equipment that allows us to run blood and other tests on site. This enables us to quickly diagnose many conditions and problems and to begin appropriate treatment without delay. Pre-operative blood samples are run immediately before your pet undergoes an anaesthetic, to check for signs of anaemia, infection, liver and kidney disease, to ensure that your pet in a healthy condition to receive an anaesthetic.

Digital radiographs are taken on-site to aid diagnosis, allowing appropriate treatment to be given as soon as possible

This is often used alongside X-rays to provide a more detailed examination of the heart, liver and other organs. The extra information which this provides may allow us to make a diagnosis without the need for invasive procedures such as biopsy or exploratory surgery

The ECG provides us with detailed information on the electrical activity of the heart which can assist with the detection and diagnosis of many types of heart problems, allowing us to treat and monitor your pet’s condition appropriately

Nurse clinics
Our team of dedicated nurses are pleased to provide a wide range of advice and treatment during nurse clinics. As well as de-worming, flea treatment and pedicures, the areas also covered by our nurses include:

· Puppy, kitten and rabbit health

· Senior Pet health assessments

· Weight management

· Post-operative care and advice

· Dental check-ups and advice

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