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From 7pm to 8.30 am on weekdays and 12.30pm on Saturdays to 8.30am on Monday all emergencies are cared for by the out of hours clinic

Medivet Richmond
171 Lower Richmond Rd
SW14 7HX

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What is an Emergency?

• Blocked cat – your cat is unsuccessfully straining to urinate and spending a lot of time scratching in the litter tray.
• Your pet has difficulty breathing.
• Your pet has profuse bleeding.
• Flystrike – your rabbit has a maggot/fly infestation of a wound.
• Your pet is in severe pain.
• A surgical wound has opened up.
• Poisoning – Contact the surgery especially if your pet is unwell. – Be ready to provide information on WHEN, WHERE, HOW poisoning occurred and QUANTITY consumed. Keep any packaging and any regurgitated specimens.
• Road traffic accidents or severe trauma/bleeding.
• Unconscious/collapsed animal
• Eye injuries – Eye injuries are generally very painful. Do not touch eye injuries or investigate further without seeing us.
• Bloat or gastric dilation/torsion – an enlarged tummy can be a sign of gastric dilatation/torsion
• Burns and scalds
• Heat stroke
• Difficult labour (dystocia) – Prolonged straining to deliver a puppy, kitten. A green/brown vaginal discharge (a clear blood-coloured discharge is normal) without a puppy/kitten arriving are indicators of problems and veterinary advice should be sought.
• Severe Diarrhoea with blood – Bloody diarrhoea or bloody diarrhoea with vomiting is an emergency because haemorrhagic diarrhoea often occurs with severe and fatal diseases such as parvovirus infection and enteritis often leads to severe dehydration and can be fatal.
• Fitting – Most fits last just a few minutes but some can last longer.

retriever with stethoscope

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