Mimi was the first patient to try out our new dental digital x-ray machine

digital x-ray cat's tooth Redleaves vet centreThe image is a clear picture of the root resorbing allowing Mimi to have the correct treatment (the tooth on the left of the picture) and reduced her time under anaesthetic.

She recovered well and had lots of cuddles from the nurses.?

Dental disease is a common condition in dogs and cats. If you have any questions about dental health please contact us.

Did you know?

cat at redleaves vets…80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by the age of 3…
…poor dental health can lead to bad breath, loose teeth and tooth loss, mouth pain and poor appetite…
…dental disease can cause serious health problems affecting the heart, kidneys and liver…
…preventative dental care can significantly improve your pet’s health and quality of life…

Amazing vets, really care about the patients. Staff are lovely.


**Covid-19 Update**

**Covid-19 Update**

We are slowly coming back up to full staff numbers and are now able to offer most veterinary services including routine procedures such as neutering and vaccinations

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